• Italian customers visit RAETTS
    Air knife manufacturers are facing a challenge of improving the independent innovation abilities and promoting the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development,they engaged in researching and developing air knife drying systems deeply.Without doubts,it is the be...
  • Bound development,enjoying the beach—RAETTS travel to Xunliao Bay,Huizhou
    “Kind man like mountain,wise man like water”,Huizhou is a place with towering mountain andcleanly water.Natural geographical are unique of Huizhou,it is known as the“Guangdong East Town”and“Lingnan County”.The water in Xunliao bay is very suitable for play. RAETTS also opened ...
  • Warm Mid-Autumn Festival,love in RAETTS!-Memory the grateful days in RAETTS
    Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.On September 22,2018,the 13th of the lunar calendar,it was a very memorable day not just for a normal weekend of Rui Tian.The sunshine is brilliant and warm,each colleague of Ruitian received a Mid-Autumn Festival gift full of true feelings! In order to pro...
  • Association of industry and commerce of Dongguan visit Dongguan RuiTian
    In the middle of July 2018,Association of industry and commerce of Liaobu Town visit Dongguan RuiTian Electrical Technology Co.,ltd,Dongguan Hongxing Food Co.,Ltd.,Dongguan Dongao Auto Service Co.,Ltd.and Dongguan Club Tian Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.,Dongguan...
  • Looking back on August,looking forward to the new journey in September
    The process of a person's growth is actually to locate the process of hard work in the future.A process of constantly improving yourself,positioning yourself,you may become such a person. On September 3,2018,Dongguan Ruitian Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.had the first monthly employee meet...