How to reduce the noise of the blower during work effectively?
To reduce the noise of the blower during work,there are several options available but a basic understanding of the noise being generated should come first.The noise of the fan is mainly caused by noise pollution in industrial production.
Blower Series
Due to the large size and high speed of the blower,noise problem becomes more apparent.The noise of the blower is mainly aerodynamic noise,and the aerodynamic noise includes rotating noise and eddy current noise.

Because the types of blower on the market are different,we must use different methods of noise reduction for different types of blowers.If the environmental requirements are still not met,the noise elimination device should be configured.The famous blower manufacturers in Dongguan have come up with the following conventional methods to solve the noise:
Blower Series
1.Put an enclosure over the blower and motor.

2.Install outside RAETTS silencer on the exhaust vent,the built-in muffler inserts are used to reduce the noise when passing through a specially constructed muffler.The muffler is an effective measure to reduce the radiation of the aeration device or the exhaust port or to transmit noise along the pipe.

3.As far as possible,the outer louver of the ground layer uses the anechoic louver,and the damper spring hanger damper is used for the suspension of the cyclone,and the aerodynamic load of the impeller is enhanced to reduce the peripheral speed.

Nowadays,more and more factory put an enclosure over the blower and motor,and the rest must be solved by the manufacturers who purchase the blower.Of course,we must also calculate the size of its location and the using form of blower.Above is the way to reduce noise of the blower during work.If you want to know more about the blower related information,you can pay attention to us from time to time.
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