Bound development,enjoying the beach—RAETTS travel to Xunliao Bay,Huizhou
“Kind man like mountain,wise man like water”,Huizhou is a place with towering mountain andcleanly water.Natural geographical are unique of Huizhou,it is known as the“Guangdong East Town”and“Lingnan County”.The water in Xunliao bay is very suitable for play.

RAETTS also opened a sunny beach trip in Huizhou from 8th to 9th,September,2018.A very good travel experience!In order to enhance the group cohesiveness and competition between the coworker,RAETTS organizes several activities combining with bound development and journey.One month ago,RAETTS decided to visit Xunliao Bay,Huizhou for two days!

RAETTS was set out at 8:00 am,8th,Sep,2018.It took us about 2 and half hours to reach the destination.In the car,we talked,laughed and song on our ways to destination!In such cheerful atmosphere,we arrived in Huizhou for a short time.

We came to the Field expansion training ground as we got off the bus.All of us were divided into two teams.The coach asked us to write the team flag.Team one named as"good team",their slogan is"better and better,the most around the world".Team two named as"RAETTS",their slogan is"resolutely popular around the world."The two teams matched against with others rapidly!

In this short process,we played a variety of interesting projects and small games,such as some:bigfoot,conjoined baby,four points,global courier,10,000 miles,life and death grid,trust back,graduation wall,real CS field.There are hardships,sweat,laughter,and tears.Although there are so many hardships,all of us are happy.We know that we are not alone,because we are a team,we will always fight for the team.

Team projects are not projects that can be done well by one's intelligence,strength and ability.Its greatest feature is this collective effort.One's success can't represent the success of the whole team.Only each individual in the team can unite and help each other to complete the team's goals together.Improving efficiency is also very important to us,we need to work with team efficiency,everyone should do his best to make the effort.

Through this outdoor bound development,all of us have tapped our potential,exercised our courage,strengthened our physique,learned a lot of things that I can't learn in my daily work and life,and enhanced my friendship and communication with my colleague.Thanks to this event,we learned to cooperation,improve the efficiency,finish target through analyzing target,and so on.We believe that RAETTS will be strength after this activity!

As darkness fell,we grilled,drank,chatted,song,danced,played games,watched the waves beating the rocks.We also launched a bonfire party,as the music began,the beach fireworks created a rainbow.

One thing that you can't forget is to take pictures when you come to the beach!RAETTS’female colleagues are here to show the best.They came to the beach early to take beautiful photos in the second day morning.

In the second day afternoon,we went to fishing on the sea,experienced the fun of fishing and enjoyed it.The water is pure,the sea is blue and clear,the sand is soft,the wind and waves are small,all of us enjoyed it.

Times of joy fly too fast,in the past two days,some processes are hard,but we had remembered all the beautiful scene,everyone's laughter,cooperation..

Cease to the struggle and cease to the life!Although the pleasant trip has ended,but the memory will not be lost,the good scenery is wonderful,and the companionship on the road is even more commendable.We hope we will laugh and grow together and put more enthusiasm into RAETTS in the future,taking a new journey and create new glory with RAETTS!
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